Storytelling at the Leading Edge.

David All, Founder & CEO

David is a dynamic Changemaker with a wealth of experience in digital strategy, production innovation, communications, change management and civic innovation. He is no stranger to identifying patterns and solving problems, and his visionary leadership and transformative messaging has won the hearts of many organizations across various sectors.

His experience working as a speechwriter in the US Senate and as a communications director for US House Leadership, where he pioneered the use of social media on Capitol Hill, demonstrate his ability to navigate complex political and social landscapes. David has also worked with renowned organizations such as Intel, Google, Lenovo, PhRMA, SoundExchange, Burning Man, and Better Business Bureau, creating winning digital campaigns and innovative products.

As the founder and CEO of Mount Ethos, they offer a range of services including strategy consulting, product design, and workforce integration. Our team of seasoned consultants can assist you in creating a holistic strategy that incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI, to drive your business towards success. With our expertise in product design, we can help you develop innovative products and websites that are future-proofed and designed to leverage blockchain and AI. Additionally, we specialize in workforce integration, providing seamless integration of blockchain and AI technologies into your existing systems and processes, with our change management expertise in people and tech.

As the Founder and CEO of Change.Gallery, David is at the forefront of the Web3 movement, using blockchain technology to create measurable social impact through art. David and his team connect brands, causes, artists and communities in powerful new ways to address ESG, DEI objectives and measure impact up against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

David’s ability to motivate fluid teams and navigate big systems while involving stakeholders in meaningful ways makes him a valuable partner to any organization in Washington, DC and beyond looking to stay relevant with their digital, messaging, and storytelling strategies at the leading edge.

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